Advanced iPhone Do Not Disturb controls: auto turn off again

by Will Head

Do Not Disturb keeps your iPhone silent, but advanced options give you more control over how it works

You can turn Do Not Disturb on and off manually in Settings > Do Not Disturb

Set a schedule, and your phone will automatically silence notifications overnight, and re-enable them in the morning

Turn on Bedtime mode and the lock screen will dim overnight and show you the weather forecast when you wake up

You can choose whether calls and notifications are silenced always, or only when your phone is locked

Mark a contact as a favourite and you can still receive calls from them even when Do Not Disturb is enabled

Enable Repeated Calls and someone will be able to get through to you if they call back within three minutes

To quickly enable Do Not Disturb, click the moon icon in Control Center

Press and hold the icon in Control Center and you can enable Do Not Disturb for a set time or until you change location

Will Head