Advance Yoga exercises for improved posture 🧘‍♂️

by Yoga Self-Practice

Mountain Position: Feet directly below the hips, toes lifted. Reach your hands over your head – hands in flexion

Lift out of the hips & find some flexion to the right

Push into the feet & keep the belly button pulled in – protecting the lower back

To come into centre, push into both feet & draw the belly button in & then change sides

Push into the right foot, stretching the right side of the body. Push the shoulders down & back

Pushing through both feet come to centre, releasing back down into mountain

Move into spinal extension: reach arms up, feet pushing into the floor, belly button pulled in

Lift the chest up & over. Make sure there is no compression into the lower back, tailbone reaching towards the floor

Hip bones reaching forward, chest lifted. Make sure your head is not hanging

To come back, push into your feet, draw the belly button in & come back through to mountain

Tree Pose: Neutral feet & spine – balance on your left foot

Pick up the right leg & place the sole of your foot into left inner thigh, creating an opposition point

Drop the right hip down, 2 hips forward. Arms right up, hands in flexion

Push your left foot down, draw the shoulders down & back. Actively push the sole into the inner thigh

To come out, bend your left knee, engaging your core to lift the knee up. Back to mountain & change side

Downward Facing Dog: From plank position (writs below the shoulders, middle fingers pointing forward)

If your shoulders feel tight, widen the distance between your hands

Lift the hips towards the ceiling, coming to an inversion, gaze just between the ankles

Keep the spine long – bend the knees if you feel your spine is rounding

Heels do not need to touch the floor – make sure your maintain the length in the spine

Push the balls of the feet into the floor. Hug the belly in. Lift the chest forward. Spread the fingers

To come out: start to shift your body weight forward into plank position, slowly placing the knees down

Yoga Self-Practice