Advance Yoga Exercises for Improved Hip Mobility πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ

by Yoga Self-Practice

The Shrub: Start in Mountain position with a micro-bend into the knees

Pick up the right heel & place it in the teardrop, where the muscle meets the knee

Reach the arms up over the head, hands in flexion, spreading the fingers nice & wide

Imagine sitting on a chair behind you, sit bones coming towards the floor as the chest lengthens forward

As soon as you feel your arms drop & the spine round, you’ve gone beyond your range of motion

Keep the spine nice & long, shoulders down & back. Open through the hip, maintaining your balance

To come out: Push into standing foot. Use your core & breath – pick the right leg up, step back to mountain

Take a deep breath in & out. Make sure you do the other side

Child’s Pose: Keep the big toes together, knees 3-4ft apart.

Reach your arms forward, keeping your hips on your heels

Bring the forehead onto the floor, tracking through the spine

Like you’re pushing your hands forward while you reach your hips back

Yoga Self-Practice