16 Awesome Kitchen and Cooking Hacks

by Jess

Shine up stainless steel using a mix of vinegar and water

When cooking with butternut squash, microwave for 2-3ish mins to makenot easier to peel and cut

When pitting cherries, place on top of an empty bottle and use a chopstick to push the pit put into the bottle

Properly clean wooden cutting boards by using a cut lemon, dipped in salt

Place a cup of water in the microwave with your food to prevent it drying out

De-seed vegetables using an ice-cream scoop

Use an elastic band to open stubborn jars

To make tomatoes last longer, place them stem down to store them

If you have left over wine, freeze in an ice cube tray for use in cooking or spritzers

Squeeze lemon juice onto your cut fruit to prevent it from browning

Remove eggshell pieces with another piece of eggshell. It will act as a magnet.

To peel potatoes without a peeler, boil them, then toss into an ice bath and watch the skin fall off

When grating semisoft cheese like mozzarella, put into the freezer for 30 minutes to make it easier to grate

Place a wooden spoon across the top of your pot to prevent boil over

To cut cherry tomatoes, simply place between two plates and run a knife in between

To de-crystallise honey, place in a bowl of hot water for 5 to 10 minutes